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2024 Bookshop Crawl Events

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London Bookshop Crawl 2024

16th - 18th February 

Explore the bookshops of central & greater London and meet fellow book lovers in a weekend of bookish celebration. Our 9th annual London Bookshop Crawl will be packed with group bookshop crawls, online and in person events, the return of the Big Bookish Quiz and more!


Oxford Bookshop Crawl 

March 20th 2024

Following the success of the 2023 event, we'll be bookshop crawling in Oxford again, for a hopefully much cooler day! 

Join us for a Group Bookshop Crawl, or do your own thing & have a brilliant bookish afternoon in a city packed full of literary heritage. 


Norwich Bookshop Crawl 

April, TBC

We will be bookshop crawling in Norwich again, with our first in person Group Bookshop Crawls for those who would like to meet other book lovers & have someone else plan their route, and welcome packs for those who'd rather do their own thing.


Bristol Bookshop Crawl 

4th & 5th May

We are very excited to have been invited to lead Group Bookshop Crawls in Bristol as part of Walking Festival which happens throughout May. If you'd like to explore Bristol, meet fellow book lovers and spend an afternoon with people who will entirely enable your book buying  habits, this is the event for you! 


Edinburgh Bookshop Crawl 

1st & 2nd June

Edinburgh is packed with bookshops and we can't wait to run our first in person bookshop crawl here! We're doing a whole weekend as there are lots of bookshops to explore, and as usual you'll be able join a Group Bookshop Crawl or do your own thing using the Welcome Pack & Resources. 


Brighton & Hove Bookshop Crawl 

Tues 9th July

We bookshop crawled in Brighton & Hove during our socially distanced crawls of 2020, and we're coming to do our first in person bookshop crawl here in July! There's an eclectic range of bookshops to explore as well as the beautiful town itself and we will be leading Group Bookshop Crawls so you can hang out with other book lovers and celebrate the excellent bookshops!


Whitstable & Herne Bay Bookshop Crawl 

August, TBC

A Bookshop Crawl with a twist! Join us in the beautiful coastal town of Whitstable where we'll visit bookshops & stop for ice cream before travelling on to Herne Bay and its range of brilliant bookshops. This bookshop crawl will include a short car/train/bus journey and both herne bay and whitstable are directly accessible by train from London.


Members Bookshop Crawl 

September, TBC

A bookshop crawl just for those of you who are part of our monthly membership. We'll be exploring some very special bookshops and going behind the scenes as well as having an amazing bookish day! 


October Bookshop Crawls

Location details are still being finalised and will be announced nearer the time!

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