Bookshop Crawl UK organises bookshop crawls around the country, aiming to support indie bookshops and bring booklovers together on and offline to celebrate bookshops, explore different areas, connect with each other and buy books with people who won't ask them 'do you really need any more books?'. 

Previously known as London Bookshop Crawl, we renamed ourselves in 2021 to better reflect the widening scope of our bookshop crawl events. 

founded in 2016 off the back of a tweet, the London Bookshop Crawl quickly expanded from one day, 5 bookshops and 25 people to over 100 bookshops and hundreds to thousands of bookshop crawlers taking part over a weekend of events both online and in person. 

We also run summer events in a variety of locations across the UK including Bath (2016), Oxford (2017), Canterbury (2018), Bath again (2019) and a 10 location event in 2021. In June 2022 we'll be running another multi location bookshop crawl to co-incide with Independent Bookshop Week, and The Big Welsh Bookshop Crawl in August. 

Big Welsh Bookshop Crawl 2022 - Resources

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