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Readathon Time!

Nothing shows my book blogging roots as much as my love for a good old readathon. I find them incredibly restorative and soothing and also a brilliant prompt to get inspired by the books I own.

It is often said that buying books is a totally different hobby to reading them and it's definitely true in my experience, but it is also nice when one thing dovetails with the other, so we're having a week long readathon in May. The idea is that for those of us who have lots of bookshop crawl acquisitions to read, we pull some out and make a TBR and devote some more time than usual to reading over the readathon week. To me, the best things about a readathon are having the excuse to read more, and of course the snacks. and I'm putting together some photo prompts if you'd like to join in over on instagram. If you're sharing on social media please to tag me (@bookshopcrawluk everywhere) as I'd love to see, share and support your reading!

If you want to share pages/books read, hours read for etc over the week you're more than welcome to. Essentially you can do whatever you want with the week, as long as it involves reading! If you're taking part, leave us a comment and let us know! Who's in?

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18 de abr.

I am so in!

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