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When is the London Bookshop Crawl?

It's an entire weekend, and it's our 10th anniversary!


From Friday 14th - Sunday 16th February 2025 there will be bookshops across the city to explore, Group Bookshop Crawls to join in with, quizzes, author events, kids events and loads more both in person and online. The programme goes live and tickets will be on sale to members from November 1st for a week, and to the general public from November 8th. 

What will happen on the bookshop crawl?

The idea of a bookshop crawl is that it gives permission/an excuse/a reason to spend a day exploring bookshops, talking about books, recommending them to others, meeting booksellers and other bookshop crawlers and of course buying books! 

A bookshop crawl is a route including several bookshops which you usually will walk between,, and some of them may offer some fun perks for bookshop crawlers. You can plan your own route using our welcome pack (with downloadable route maps) & do it with friends, family, coworkers, book group, or whoever you like, or you can join in with one of our Group Bookshop Crawls where you can meet other bookish folk & be led around a pre-planned itinerary by us, swapping recommendations, chatting & exploring.

What's the difference between the Group Bookshop Crawl and the Welcome Pack?

The Group Bookshop Crawls are ticketed events, where everything is organised by the Bookshop Crawl team. We'll plan the route, get people together, lead you around, tell you about any perks on offer and even add the odd anecdote or bit of interesting historical information in too. Group Bookshop Crawls enable you to meet other book lovers in a low pressure way, so if you struggle with social situations or have any kind of anxiety (like our founder!) you can be in a 'socially antisocial' situation through our groups!

The Welcome Pack includes the Big List (a map with information about all of the bookshops across London, with opening hours, details about the shop, accessibility & any perks on offer) , The Bookshop Crawl ID card to claim said perks, and other resources including downloadable route maps, and some planning tips. It's then up to you to decide on your route, and who you're going to bookshop crawl with! You are more than welcome to use #LondonBookshopCrawl on social media to share what you're getting up to, ask for book recommendations and connect with others, but the planning side of things is all yours!


If you have questions we're always happy to chat by email

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