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about the bookshop crawl

London Bookshop Crawl started in 2016 as a way to get a group of book lovers offline and into the real world to meet each other, discover brilliant bookshops and buy books with others who wouldn't judge their book acquisition issues... In the same year we started the summer bookshop crawl, which is roving and visits different cities each summer; Bath in 2016, Oxford in 2017 , 2018 Canterbury,  2019 Bath (2.0),  and after a year of Virtual Bookshop Crawling in 2020, a 10 location socially distanced summer bookshop crawl in August 2021. 

The London Bookshop Crawl aims to bring book lovers together in a joyful celebration of all things bookish and give some much needed support to (mainly independent) bookshops in the otherwise fairly grim retail month of February. Over the course of the weekend we encourage you to visit as many bookshops as possible, post about how great they are on social media (using #LondonBookshopCrawl), buy some books, grab some of the amazing freebies and discounts on offer and meet some new bookish friends. You can also attend some of the incredible events we put on and if you want to be a proper bookshop crawl geek you can get bookshop crawl patches, bags, and more in our shop.

Over the years the bookshop crawl has expanded from one day to a weekend long event including longer guided groups, a book swap brunch, behind the scenes tours of some special literary locations and more. 

The aim of the summer bookshop crawls is the same but more low key. The events are each just one day long and usually smaller. You can participate on your own or join a small group to wander around the bookshops, meet new people & swap recommendations. 

London Bookshop Crawl has always been and will remain free for bookshops to participate in. 

Volunteer for the Bookshop Crawl

We rely on volunteers to help us create the bookshop crawl weekend, and we're grateful for all of the help we've been given over the years! If you'd like to help us put together London Bookshop Crawl 2022, please fill in the quick form below and we'll be in touch. 

Currently we're looking for volunteers to help with publicity and marketing, and talking to bookshops to get them to join the fun (bookshop liaison)

Support us

The bookshop crawl is currently an event funded solely through ticket sales and kind donations from those who like what we do. You can support us on a pay as you feel basis when registering for your Welcome Pack, and/or on a one-off donation basis by buying us a coffee (or three)! Proceeds from any ticketed events also go towards covering our running costs, and if you'd like some awesome bookshop crawl merchandise, you can find that in our shop as well.